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Cape Sale 1st March


1 MARCH 2022.


USD/SAR 15.29

GBP/SAR 20.52



At today’s Cape sale there was strong competition for all types with prices rising 5-10% across the board for the second sale in a row. As we try to support our agents and customers we are using our stock position to keep prices as low as possible. We have not passed on any increases from today’s sale.


Kids up 5-10%.


YG up 5%.


Fine adult up 0%.


Strong adult up 10%.



The next sale is 22nd March 2022.

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Cape Sale 15th February


15 FEBRUARY 2022.


USD/SAR 15.10

GBP/SAR 20.45



At the first sale of the summer season, there was very strong competition over all types, especially the coarser lots, which are in short supply. Prices were up 3-5% in local currency but up to 10% dearer in USD.


Kids up 5%.


YG up 5%.


Fine adult up 5%.


Strong adult up 8%.







The next sale is 1st March 2022.

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Cape Sale 7th December


7 DECEMBER 2021.


USD/SAR 15.89

GBP/SAR 21.10


At today’s final sale of the winter season, there were 82 tons on offer with a healthy 99% clearance. The market indicator for the 2021 winter season was SAR 395, some 65% higher than the 2020 winter season.


Kids up 2%.


YG up 1%.


Fine adult up 3%.


Strong adult up 5%.



The next sale is 15 February 2022.

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Cape Sale 23rd November


23 NOVEMBER 2021.


USD/SAR 15.70

GBP/SAR 21.09



At today’s Cape Sale there was 87 tons on offer and 96% sold under good competition. It appears the mohair fashion will last another year.


Kids unchanged.


YG 4% dearer.


Fine Adult 7% dearer.


Adult 2% dearer. 


The next sale is 7th December 2021.

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Cape Sale 19th October

                                                                                                     18/19 October 2021.


USD/SAR 14.67

GBP/SAR 20.15


At Monday’s Basuto sale there was extreme competition and prices rose across the board. Supply is small and availability limited as the clip lasts from August to November.


At Tuesday’s Cape sale (started Monday as it was a large offering) there was good demand for all RMS types. The market is starting to correct itself. Clearance was an excellent 92% of the 150 tonnes offered. Prices in USD terms were:


Kids 3% down.


YG 3% down.


Adult 4% down.


The next sale is 9th November.    

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Cape Sale 28th September

                                                                                                     28th September 2021.



USD/SAR 14.98


GBP/SAR 20.53


At today’s Cape sale there was strong competition (95% clearance) especially for the courser adult types. Kids and young goats seem to have peaked and we forecast some adjustment in the coming sales. A Basuto sale was held 27th September and prices were up to 30% dearer! Renewed demand for the velours yarns.


Kids  5% easier.


YG  2% easier.


Fine Adult  Firm.


Course Adult Firm.



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Cape Sale 8th June

8th June 2021.


USD/SAR 13.55

GBP/SAR 19.23


At the final Cape sale of the summer season there was a 92% clearance of good quality mohair. Again, premiums were paid for RMS mohair. The SA rand had strengthened 3% since the previous sale which affected prices paid in local currency.



Fine kids 2% easier in USD.


Strong kids firm.


Young goats 2% easier in USD.


Strong adult 3% dearer in USD.



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Cape Sale 11th May

11th May 2021

USD/SAR 14.03

GBP/SAR 19.81


At today’s Cape sale (10th & 11th May) there was again strong competition from all buyers for all types. Most in demand were the adult qualities. The SA rand was 5% stronger than the previous sale this making the dollar dominated prices higher. The next sale will be 25th March.

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Cape Sale 16th March

16 March 2021.


 USD/SAR 14.90

 GBP/SAR 20.60


At today’s Cape Sale there was a large offering of 170 tons, with some excellent fine mohair for sale. There was very strong competition on all types, especially the adult which until recently had been neglected. RMS mohair sold well but not at previous premiums.


Kids up 15%.


YG up 10-15%.


Adult up 15-20%

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Cape Sale 10th December


10 December 2020.


USD/SAR  14.96


GBP/SAR 19.91

At the final Cape Sale of this season there was strong demand for all types, especially kids and RMS ( Responsible Mohair Standard clips).


Kids 4% dearer.


YG 2% dearer.


Adult 5% dearer.


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