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Cape Sale 6th September

6TH September 2023


USD/SAR 19.1484


GBP/SAR 24.0829




The 2nd winter sale of the season saw 138,662kg on offer with 81% clearance.


While kid types were strong, up 2%, coarser types were down 2-5%.


This sale followed a strong Basuto sale on Monday 4th September where all types were well sought after.


The next Cape sale will be held on 26th September 2023.

Kind Regards,


841SUPER KID22/3 MIC70/75$65.00€ 60.80
842SUPER KID23/4 MIC70/75$63.00€ 58.90
843SUPER KID24/5 MIC70/75$61.00€ 57.10
844SUPER KID25/6 MIC75/80$58.00€ 54.30
845FINE KID26/7 MIC75/80$52.00€ 48.60
846FINE KID27/8 MIC75/80$46.00€ 43.00
847KID28/9 MIC80/85$38.00€ 35.60
848KID29/30 MIC80/85$34.00€ 31.80
851KID30/1 MIC80/85$31.00€ 29.00
852KID31/2 MIC80/85$28.00€ 26.20
853FINE Y G32/3 MIC80/85$27.00€ 25.30
854YOUNG GOAT33/4 MIC80/85$25.00€ 23.40
855YOUNG GOAT34/5 MIC80/85$24.50€ 22.90
856FINE ADULT35/6 MIC80/86$24.00€ 22.50
857ADULT36/7 MIC80/85$23.50€ 22.00
0858LADULT – LONG37/8 MIC90/100$26.00€ 24.30


841SUPER KID22/3 MIC70/75$63.00€ 58.90
842SUPER KID23/4 MIC70/75$61.00€ 57.10
843SUPER KID24/5 MIC70/75$60.00€ 56.10
844SUPER KID25/6 MIC75/80$57.00€ 53.30
845FINE KID26/7 MIC75/80$51.00€ 47.70
846FINE KID27/8 MIC75/80$44.00€ 41.20
847KID28/9 MIC80/85$37.00€ 34.60
848KID29/30 MIC80/85$32.00€ 30.00
851KID30/1 MIC80/85$30.00€ 28.10
852KID31/2 MIC80/85$28.00€ 26.20
853FINE Y G32/3 MIC80/85$26.00€ 24.30
854YOUNG GOAT33/4 MIC80/85$24.00€ 22.50
855YOUNG GOAT34/5 MIC80/85$24.00€ 22.50
856FINE ADULT35/6 MIC80/86$23.50€ 22.00
857ADULT36/7 MIC80/85$23.00€ 21.50


1200ARGENTINE KID28/29 MIC75/80$28.00€ 26.20
1220ARGENTINE29/30 MIC80$23.00€ 21.50
3780ARGENTINE30/31 MIC75/80$21.00€ 19.70
1225TURKEY30/31 MIC80$24.00€ 22.50
1225TURKEY34/35 MIC95$21.00€ 19.70
TYPE 1BASUTO KID28/29 MIC75/80$27.00€ 25.30
TYPE 2BAUSTO FINE YG29/30 MIC80$20.00€ 18.70
TYPE 3BASUTO YG31/32 MIC80/85$18.00€ 16.90
TYPE 4BASUTO33/34 MIC80/85$16.00€ 15.00
LT STAIN CAPE32/3475/80$13.00€ 12.20
GREY YG30/3275/80$10.50€ 9.90


325924/2545-55MM$30.00€ 28.10
220325/2645-55MM$29.00€ 27.20
211127/2845-55MM$25.00€ 23.40
122428/29$22.50€ 21.10
122529/30$20.50€ 19.20
122630/31$18.50€ 17.30
223531/32$18.50€ 17.30
122732/33$18.00€ 16.90
122833/34$17.50€ 16.40
122934/35$17.50€ 16.40
100936/38$16.00€ 15.00
343627/29 STAINEDN/QN/Q
389232/34 STAINEDN/QN/Q
389336/38 STAINEDN/QN/Q


4001SUPER KID$8.00€ 7.50PPT
4002KID$7.00€ 6.60PPT
4003YOUNG GOAT$4.00€ 3.80PPT
4004ADULT$3.75€ 3.60PPT


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Cape Sale 16th August

16th August 2023



USD/SAR 19.0747


GBP/SAR 24.2726




The first winter sale of the season, 15th August, saw a mixed offering of 103,985kg with an 89% clearance.


While kid types were strong considering the worldwide economic situation, and holidays in Europe, other types were down 5-6% in rand terms.


The next auction will be held on 5th September 2023.


Kind Regards,

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Cape Sale 7th June

7th June 2023



USD/SAR 19.2106


GBP/SAR 23.8941




The final summer season Cape sale saw a larger than expected offering of nearly 180,000kgs and due to the large offering prices were slightly softer for most types, however Kid combing types had good demand and prices remained firm. The weight offered this summer season has seen an increase of 15% in volume compared to 2022.


Kids – Firm

YG – 4% Cheaper

Adult 4% Cheaper


The next sale will be held on 15th August 2023.

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Cape Sale 22nd November

                                                                                                  22ND NOVEMBER 2022.



 USD/SAR 17.30

 GBR/SAR 20.48


At today’s Cape sale there was good demand for high quality offerings. Prices rose on average by 5% in local currency but by 7% in USD terms. There is only one more sale 6th December. The next one being February 2023 ! We expect big pressure on the final sale in December.


Kids up 4-6%

 YG up 6-8%

 Adult up 3-5%


The next sale is 6th December.

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