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Cape Sale 26/27th September


                                                                                              26/27TH SEPTEMBER 2022.


USD/SAR 17.86

GBP/SAR 19.31


At today’s Cape and Basuto mohair auction there were mixed signals, as there are throughout the world at the moment, variable currency, high inflation, rocketing energy costs. Certain specific types were in demand whereas others did not meet the brokers’ limits.


The next sale is 18th October.


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Natural Fibre Connect Conference 2022

Join the conference at Natural Fibre Connect 2022


We’d like to announce we are Gold sponsors of the inaugural Natural Fibre Connect conference, this is a unique virtual conference connecting all those involved within animal fibres to discuss and learn more about wool, cashmere, mohair and alpaca.


ALPACA_FIBRE              MOHAIR_FIBRE             WOOL_FIBRE              CASHMERE_FIBRE


What is Natural Fibre Connect?

Natural Fibre Connect is a virtual exhibition which occurs over three days, these well-considered days will comprise expert speakers, recorded talks, and roundtable discussions from industry professionals to highlight and understand the perspective of growers and herders globally.

In turn, their aim is to tackle challenges which arise within the natural fibre industries and emphasise the perspective of growers and herders around the world as climate change and market fluctuations continue to grow.


Where, and When is Natural Fibre Connect?

NFC takes place from 7th – 9th September 2022, it is the first virtual event encompassing a range of natural fibres. There’s no need to leave your desk, or book flights, simply reserve your ticket, and join us to connect and discuss with out team about natural fibres.


What are the top discussions not be missed?

This three-day event will be filled with discussions from industry leaders, conferences which are on our ‘must watch’ list are:


07/09/22 – Day One

  1. Welcome to NFC Day 1: Emerging Trends (8:00AM – 8:10AM GMT +01:00)
  2. The Opportunities of Web 3.0 for the Textile Industry (9:50AM – 10:55AM GMT +01:00)
  3. Shifting Times (3:10PM – 3:40PM GMT +01:00)
  4. Roundtable Discussions Open (6:00PM – 8:00PM GMT +01:00)


08/09/22 – Day Two 

  1. Welcome to NFC Day 2: Challenges (8:00AM – 8:10AM GMT +01:00)
  2. The Realities of Animal Welfare – The Challenges Growers and Herders Face (8:10AM – 8:40AM GMT +01:00)
  3. Roundtable Discussions Open (11:00AM – 1:00PM GMT +01:00)


 09/09/22 – Day Three

  1. Welcome to NFC Day 3: Innovations (8:00AM – 8:10AM GMT +01:00)
  2. PANEL: Hearing Directly from Growers and Herders (3:40PM – 4:40PM GMT +01:00)
  3. Roundtable Discussions Open (6:00PM – 8:00PM GMT +01:00)


We welcome you to join our discussion and look forward to meeting you there. Reserve your ticket today by clicking here.

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Cape Sale 16th August


16 AUGUST 2022.


USD/SAR 16.42 

GBP/SAR 19.75


At today’s Cape sale there was a smaller offering than anticipated due to a large quantity being affected by flood damage. The holiday season is still taking place in Europe so new demand is limited.


Prices were generally lower by 5-7%.


The next sale is 6th September.


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