Expertise & Services

Working hard to meet customer needs…

Our global reputation for reliability and availability doesn’t only come from being one of the world’s largest stockholders of noble fibres. It also comes from our ability to work in partnership with customers to develop products and blends of fibre that meet their needs and expectations.  


Utilising the very latest in fibre technology our in-house lab and our on-site processing units can provide quality assurance whilst being flexible and responsive to any order.   


 Ensuring we source the right products from the right supplier; creating new blends and products and the ability to fulfil bespoke requirements for customers have all been key to our growth and continued success.  


 At every step of the process the whole team work to respond quickly, discuss your requirements, ensure we provide samples of the highest quality and deliver stock promptly using our global courier.   

In House Laboratory

Ensuring quality and consistency

Quality assurance and reliability are cornerstones of our business. At Seal International we are unique in having access to our own laboratory for testing. Avoiding costs and delays of using external suppliers and we bring our assurance of quality. 


Our laboratory has an extensive range of the most modern testing equipment, allowing us to test characteristics such as count, micron, quality, levelness or condition. 


We test samples from all our stocks to ensure consistency and quality. Working more effectively and being more responsive to our customers’ requests, we also maintain the highest consistency in our products by being able to offer feedback to our supply chain partners of origin.


Skills passed through generations

The fibre conversion story in Yorkshire, England spans many centuries. The actual processes have not fundamentally changed over the years and knowledge gained in the industry has been passed down through the generations of our local workforce, many of whom have remained with us for many years.   


This experience is a cornerstone of our mohair combing plant. Combing fibre, and in particular mohair requires even more specialist skills than those for other fibres such as wool.  There is a strong understanding of the machinery to obtain the very best finished product. While many processors chase ever-increasing outputs, speed and quantity in processing are not our focus, quality and customer satisfaction are the most important element to us. 

Processing Fibres at Seal International

To this end we currently run Schlumberger SB29/SB30 machines which we know run at the optimum speed for efficient mohair production. Our shift patterns are designed to give us flexibility and generous production whilst maintaining quality standards.  


Our cashmere combing division processes a number of natural fibres as well as cashmere including camel, alpaca and mohair.  


To avoid cashmere fibre contamination, separate rooms are used for machining white and other darker fibres and humidity is strictly controlled to maintain the highest quality product. Specialist processes include blending loose fibres to tops, blending slivers to create colours (using up to 7 gill boxes), making loose fibre into film and breaking a sliver into broken top.  


Finally, when we have finished processing the fibres we pack it using the latest packing machinery into export bales of up to 325kg.