SFA Cashmere Standard

SFA Cashmere Standard

The SFA Cashmere Standard lays out the definition of responsible cashmere production, by upholding five global principles.


The SFA standard has a 5 domains model of animal welfare.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Physical environment
  3. Health
  4. Behavioural Interactions
  5. Mental State


The SFA standard uses these methods to ensure the herds are healthy and prosperous, combining the traditional knowledge of the herders with internationally recognised best animal welfare practices. It is imperative that the goats have a positive mental state and experience minimal suffering and discomfort. These factors are also vitally important to the herders, as they ensure the animals thrive and protect their livelihoods for generations.


Safeguard biodiversity and use land responsibly 

The SFA standard assists the herders and their communities in reducing the negative impact on pasture lands. The rangeland management plan focuses on protecting natural resources, managing grazing to prevent pasture degradation, maintaining soil health for regrowth, and minimising conflict with other wildlife. It also emphasises enhancing biodiversity, managing water resources, and minimising the use of hazardous materials.


Promote decent work 

Developed by the UN agency on work and employment, the International Labour Organisation developed a framework for ‘decent work’. This provides equal opportunities for women and men to work in conditions of freedom, equity, security, and dignity. While also preventing child labour, wage parity, protect the indigenous communities, and ensures all practices are carried out with health and safety in mind.


Preserve and enhance fibre quality 

Quality improvement is essential to growing and sustaining Cashmere Fibre production, if the herders can improve the quality of the fibre, they can fetch a premium for the fibre and the money goes back into the local community.


Operate an effective management system 

To achieve all of the above, a robust and effective management system is implemented and adhered to. It is co-ordinated by the head of the herder association. Not only does it safeguard the credibility of SFA’s group assurance model, it ensures the herders fulfil all the requirements of the SFA Cashmere Standard.


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SFA Cashmere Standard