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Sourcing, Processing and Supplying the world’s finest fibres…

Continuing to build on the foundations their father Raymond laid in 1971, Andrew Seal (CEO) and Jeremy Seal (MD) have continued to grow the business into one of the most prominent names in world textiles. Respected around the world by customers who recognise the values of Seal International a reliable, consistent and dependable supplier for their fibre needs. 


With the Seal family name over the door, the business benefits from the stability, many decades of experience and continuity that family involvement brings. Now with a third generation in place we are well placed for the future to continue as one of the world’s largest stockholders of speciality fibres… 

Camelhair fibre at Seal International

Seal International has an enviable reputation for the purity and specification of the products we supply. Having our own in-house testing lab allows us to check, sample quicker than ever before maintaining only the highest quality fibres for our customers. Our years of buying from around the world have nurtured the strongest of links and relationships assuring the quality and integrity of our fibres.

Mohair Fibres from Seal International

Our word and reputation underpin our business and mean so much to us. For decades we have strived to exceed expectations and deliver nothing less than an excellent service. And we never will. Whether it’s a new customer or ones that have been with us for many years, each recognises the values of Seal International as a solid, dependable and reliable supplier.

Availability of fibres

Our stocks of speciality fibre that we hold is unsurpassable by any in the world. With significant stocks across grades and fibre specification we have stocks available for immediate dispatch in cashmere, mohair, alpaca, angora, camel, silk, yak and a number of other smaller more specialist fibres. No-one will consistently and continually have the availability of stock… ready for immediate despatch.

Where it all began…

For over 50 years Seal International has been the leading name in the processing and trading of speciality fibres. Having left school at 16, Raymond Seal, went into the textile trade, working his way up through various companies before starting his own business in 1970 using the family dining room as his office.  

Travelling the world, especially the Far East / China, countries of Eastern Europe buying raw materials, mainly camelhair but also cashmere and mohair.  

Heritage Image

As the business grew it moved to Lady well Mills in 1977 where his two sons Andrew (CEO) and Jeremy (MD) joined the business.   

 The main area of expertise was selling mohair to East Germany (the mohair was subsequently sold on to Russia to make hats and scarves), payment took the form of camelhair and cashmere – barter trade in its truest form.   

In 1995 Raymond retired and Andrew and Jeremy took over the running of the business, with the traditional fibre business being notoriously fickle due to changes in fashion, the company expanded into yarns to smooth out the troughs in fibre trading cycle and subsequently acquired famous worsted and woollen weavers as well as dyeing and finishing facilities. This became the foundations of the larger SIL Group, now one of the largest textile groups in Europe which holds the same values as Seal International.

Our Team

As a 100% family-owned business, led in second generation by Andrew and Jeremy with their sons Philip and Joshua in the business, the quality of our people is one of the most important elements in our success. 


We are a team of specialists spanning every aspect of the fibre industry – from procurement to processing, sales to global transportation – each member knowledgeable and responsive; commercial and all customer focused.  

Our Team

Our team travel the world to procure the finest fibres at source and nurture strong and lasting relationships with trusted local partners and Organisations whose values are aligned to our own. Together they achieve sustainability and ensure traceability throughout the entire supply chain.  

Andrew Seal CEO of Seal International
Seal International team discussing fibres

If you have a requirement, we’ll work hard to offer you a product to fulfil your need, using our skill and experience whilst remaining true to our core values being recognised for our reliability and integrity. 

Part Of The SIL Group

Since its formation in 1970, The SIL Group has grown into a world-class vertically integrated group of specialist textile businesses. Individually and collectively, our brands are recognised on the world stage for their heritage, unrivalled quality, and technical expertise. The group is one of the largest in the UK and employs almost 300 people at multiple sites and our supplier and customer network cover more than 50 countries around the world.


The group spans all of the key textile manufacturing processes – from sourcing and stockholding the world’s finest natural fibres to manufacturing the finest fabrics.

Being part of this group allows Seal International to adopt an agile and flexible approach to fibre trading and processing proactively responding to the specialist demands of our clients.


Joshua Ellis AW22



Whether it’s the finest micron cashmere for fine suitings seen in such places as Savile Row or a hardwearing blend for jackets, you can trust us to know the best fibre for the job.

Classic Melton Fabric by Abbotsford Upholstered by JD Furniture



Whether its for domestic or commercial, luxury or durable, we understand the requirements of producing fibres for the upholstery sector. 100% natural or blended to produce hard-wearing versatile yarns and fabrics for this demanding end-use. 

Seal International Mattresses & Bedding



Technical textiles need experienced technical knowledge. When your mattress or bedding fibres needs to perform to an industry standard or tolerance, we can advise and source, adding real value into the production process.

Knitting Fibres



Our range of fibres for specialist knitwear yarns are suitable for any knitting application. From everyday knitwear to high-end fashion garments for top designers.